Hi there! I Just wanted to introduce myself! I am Geily, I was raised here on this beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii! I am married with 3 Amazing children. Being a military family we are fortunate enough to have traveled around the world and back! We always seem to find our way back to Hawaii! 

I’ve always loved photography; I took my first photography class as a Junior in High School. What started off as a hobby quickly became more! It wasn’t until I became a mom that my passion increased!

I quickly realized that memories through portraits are what we can cherish forever. Portraits means the world to me, it is one thing in my opinion that is priceless.

My passion is photographing children, family and couples. Candid moments are the best, they’re real and not posed. You can also get the real feeling out of a candid moment.

Interesting facts!

  • I LOVE COOKIES! like A LOT! I’ve been called Asian Cookie Monster! 
  • While stationed in Germany, my nickname was “LILO” 
  • I grew up in Hawaii, but I can’t swim 
  • My dream destination would be Malta 
  • I am an animal Lover, my husband once said ” I wouldn’t be surprised if I came home and an elephant was there” 
  • I have a BA in Human Service 
  • Toy Story fanatic 
  • Met my favorite rapper, NELLY 
  • I’ve visited many movie/ TV houses, to name a few, Full house, Home Alone, Family matters, ETC… But my favorite one would be the Twilight house!